Dumb Guy Can’t Understand Why Openly Carrying An AR-15 In The Airport Alarms People


A totally not scary looking Atlanta man is very upset after he was openly carrying his AR-15 rifle in the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport last week, and security stopped him.















You see, Jim Cooley and his wife took their daughter to the airport and obviously felt the need to openly carry his rifle.

Cooley asked any officers, who he said stopped him, if he was being detained.

When the officers each said no, he continued on his way, according to 11 Alive.

Cooley recorded each of the encounters and posted them to YouTube, however, he seems to be dismissing a big part of the conversation with the officer, who was very polite. Calls poured in from alarmed people at the airport and the officer has every right, and it’s a cop’s job, to respond to calls.

“People’s fear are not my responsibility,” Cooley can be heard telling the officer in the video titled “Atlanta police officer Macadoo still doesn’t know the law at the airport.”

Video uploaded by Jim Cooley:

News flash: Cooley is the one that doesn’t ‘know’ that Marcadoo was doing an officer’s job.  It not illegal for an officer to ask questions.

In the ‘guns everywhere’ state, it’s legal to openly carry guns in the airport under Georgia state law.

“The fact of the matter is, we’re complying with state law, so it’s not something where we had a choice,” Mayor Kasim Reed said in 2010.

City officials have also raised objections in the past.

We hope he enjoyed his ‘look at me, look at me!’ moment, because gun owners are blasting him on YouTube.

For example, ScarlettM writes in the comments, “I’m all for people possessing weapons (I have several myself for protection), but coming to an airport, where there is a ton of security, obviously this man was not concerned for his safety and did not brought [sic] a firearm to protect himself and family.”

“He was just showing off, and that’s immature. And he WAS scaring people – some consideration to others would have been nice.”

Mr. Cooley isn’t being oppressed. He’s being a dick. There, I said it. And if Cooley was Muslim or black, the story’s outcome may have ended very differently.

With rights comes responsibility.

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Screen grab via 11 Alive.

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