Dumb Scott Walker Accidentally Tweets His Presidential Run Three Days Early


Gov. Scott Walker (R-Koch) was supposed to announce his bid to become Preznit on July 13th, but he accidentally announced it on Twitter three days early.













The Wisconsin governor tweeted out a black-and-white image of himself waving onstage that read, “Scott Walker is running for president” on Friday, which is totally not Monday.















The tweet was not available on his timeline later in the afternoon, but was still viewable under his account.

Two representatives from his campaign did not immediately respond to Politico’s request for comment.

I, too, politely reached out for comment but Walker has not responded.

Others reached out to Walker, too.



























There were no supportive tweets. That’s it. Walker’s announcement just fizzled and sat there on Twitter without fanfare. It’s possible that he was drinking with his Republican colleagues who got drunk before voting in favor of the Governor’s awful budget.

At one time (over the last decade), Wisconsin ranked mostly in the middle of all states for employment growth. Among Midwestern states, Wisconsin was once among the leaders, but now Wisconsin ranks 40th in job growth.

Walker’s platform of creating 250,000 jobs during his first term failed miserably..

It’s not just Scott Walker who accidentally announced his presidential bid early. Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson released a video announcing his candidacy, but it  aired the night before his planned announcement.

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