Elizabeth Warren Opens A Can Of Whoop Ass On Ted Cruz And It’s Spectacular


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) called out republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz in a series of tweets. Warren has blasted Republican front-runner Donald Trump in the recent past but now she has had it with Ted Cruz whining in an email in which he brags over the “sacrifices” he has made for his candidacy.

Cruz wrote about the personal attacks he has suffered and the severe reductions in family time and sleep. He talks of the personal time he’s lost, too. It’s all very sad. Poor Ted Cruz.

Warren took to her Twitter account and opened a can of whoop ass on Cruz.

My personal favorite reads, “Are you kidding me, @TedCruz? We’re supposed to pity you because trying to be the leader of the free world is hard?! 2 words: Boo hoo.”

It’s not all about you, Ted Cruz.

The issue of college debt came up.

She smacked him upside the head with the issue of minimum wage.

On immigrants, Muslims and the LGBT community — all of whom Cruz and his party have ostracized.

Shorter Elizabeth Warren: Ted Cruz is a big baby.

And he’s a big baby who throws tantrums.

Ted Cruz fails to support policies which would help middle class Americans. Cruz basically thinks the poor feel entitled when what they need is a hand up. Cruz, a man who has disregarded common decency toward others, is whining about his personal time being reduced while he runs for the Presidency.

Let’s all have a sad for millionaire Ted Cruz. He has suffered so much. He’s worth over $3 million and he is complaining because he has to work hard in his campaign to become leader of the free world. Please clap.

What a pathetic little man. This is reminiscent of Cruz’s government shut down because he couldn’t get his way. Stomps feet.

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