Embarrassing: House Republicans Vote Down Their Own Bill


There are many reasons why this is a major embarrassment to Republicans. For one, right wing speakers are touting their leadership at CPAC while House Republicans fell short of votes to advance a three-week bill to fund the Department.


Also, too, this was their leadership’s bill, which failed to pass their own ranks with a vote of 203-224.

Just hours before the Department of Homeland Security is set to shut down, GOP leaders are facing a hard decision.

While the Senate passed a six-month spending bill on the floor that does not include language to block President Obama’s immigration executive orders, Republicans will have to either create division among themselves, or follow the Tea Party’s cries to shut it down.

Roll Call reports:

Republicans had been resistant to funding the department through the remainder of the fiscal year unless the resolution included immigration policy riders. The House’s three-week continuing resolution was considered a compromise to buy more time to either force the Senate to go to conference — an unlikely scenario — or hope the courts settle in their favor on a pending ruling that halts the executive order implementation.

But several of of the chamber’s most conservative lawmakers were not convinced the plan would prevent them from being in exactly the same spot three weeks later, and they sunk the eleventh-hour gambit at around 5 p.m.

Though 12 House Democrats voted “yes,” the vast majority sided with their leadership, who were whipping “no” on the stopgap bill, daring Republicans to find the votes all on their own. They’ve said they would vote unanimously to pass the Senate’s bill should it be allowed to come up for consideration.

While Republicans are giving speeches on how to stop the Islamic State in the Middle East, they’ve been playing politics with our homeland security.

As I mentioned, there are a lot of reasons this is an embarrassment for the GOP. Yesterday when a reporter asked about votes for funding Homeland Security, House Speaker John Boehner made kissing noises, instead of answering the very important question.

“The Republican Congress has shown that it simply cannot govern,” Harry Reid said. “Two months into the Republican Congress, we are already staring a Homeland Security shutdown square in the face, even as terrorists around the world threaten to strike America.”

Today, the GOP failed America. Again.

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