EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt Gets His Own $25,000 Phone Booth


In his flagrant and continued waste of taxpayer monies, Scott Pruitt, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, is spending more than $25,000 on a private phone booth. The agency already has one. It’s just not on his floor.

The Washington Post first reported the EPA signed a $24,570 contract earlier this summer with Acoustical Solutions, a Richmond-based company, for a “privacy booth for the administrator” to be installed by October 9.

A salesman for the company installing the booth told The New York Times the contract was unusual and ended up being nearly four times the price of comparable booths after the EPA requested modifications. Privacy booths typically cost $5,000 to $6,000.

But Pruitt’s well-known paranoia has gotten out of control. He’s already outlawed cell phones in meetings. And notetaking is verboten. Now he wants a sound proof phone booth with all the bells and whistles that would make Maxwell Smart jealous.

Walter Shaub, the former director of the Office of Government Ethics, also said the recent reports take accusations about transparency within the EPA to a new extreme.

MSNBC earlier reported that the controversies surrounding Pruitt have become alarmingly routine. The far-right EPA chief has long opposed his agency’s work, faced serious allegations of abusing taxpayer-funded travel, defied his scientist’ reports and used deceptive public rhetoric.

“As someone who spent a lot of time in the administrator’s office, I can tell you that there was nothing like this,” Liz Purchia, a former head of communications at the EPA, told CNN. “I can’t imagine why this taxpayer expense would be necessary and why an extra-secure room is needed in his office other than to avoid staff and the Office of Homeland Security from documenting use of the room and the information that warrants protection.”

Scott Pruitt was Donald Trump’s #1 pick to head up the EPA. And in Trumpworld, it’s no wonder why: During his tenure as Attorney General of Oklahoma, Pruitt shut down his office’s Environmental Protection Unit and sued the EPA 14 times.

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