Ethics Panel Will Now Investigate GOP Rep. Farenthold For Using Tax Dollars To Pay Off Women He Harassed


Representative Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) is an interesting character. He once challenged Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) to a duel because she voted against the atrocious bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act. He can also be seen below posing with a Playboy bunny in his rubber ducky pajamas:

Now, he is under investigation for using taxpayer money to pay off a woman he allegedly sexually harassed and assaulted while in office to the tune of $84,000. The good news about these revelations is that Farenthold will not be attempting to continue serving in Congress after 2018, and, in the meantime, the House Ethics Committee will be investigating the harassment claims against him. To that end, it’s pretty safe to say that the weird, creepy Texas congressman will not be having much fun in the House before he departs in disgrace.

The probe will be quite broad, too. It is alleged that Farenthold’s office was a culture of regular abuse, in which he made sexual jokes, and derided his aides as “fucktards.” He, of course, insists that he meant nothing by that, and says he did it to be funny.

Not only that, but the Committee will try to determine whether Farenthold used his taxpayer-funded staff or any other resources of the House of Representatives, and whether or not he lied to the Committee in the past.

Clearly, this is a man who never belonged in Congress. He’s crazy, abusive, and sexist. If there’s one unbelievable bag of shit that needs to become a casualty of this #MeToo moment we’re having as a nation, it’s Blake Farenthold, and it looks like that will definitely be happening.

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Featured image via screen capture from Twitter

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