Evangelical Pastor: Trump Is ‘Right On Target’ In Remarks About ‘Sh*thole Countries’


Pastor Robert Jeffress, the religious adviser to Donald Trump, went on the Christian Broadcasting Network on Friday to – somewhat unsurprisingly in the age of redefining Christianity – defend Trump’s racist “shithole countries” comment during an immigration debate at the White House just one day before.

Jeffress, the leader of a 13,000-member megachurch in Dallas, has never failed to speak up on the president’s behalf, no matter how ridiculous or outrageous his remarks.

But many Americans have now drawn the line, including Republicans, and are saying that the evidence of Trump’s racism is now abundantly clear.

For Jeffress, however, Trump “got the sentiment right” with his disgusting statement.

Evangelicals have long squared their support of the corrupt Republican party – whose values so often do not align with those of Jesus – by attempting to delineate the intentions of the Messiah. Those zealots believe that the tenets of Christianity must always be voluntary. That means that when Jesus tells you to help your fellow man, what he meant was that the government shouldn’t force you to help him.

Of course, the same logic doesn’t seem to apply when Christians attempt to force “Biblical” values onto women’s bodily autonomy or onto equal rights for same-sex couples.

That stance makes a lot of sense for Jeffress, who is best described as an actual poster boy for this hypocritical and disgusting brand of religion. His own remarks about the LGBTQ+ community, coupled with his unwavering support of a president who says more and more horrific things every day, make him the human personification of cognitive dissonance.

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