Even A Fox Host Is Sick Of Trump Defenders Justifying Offensive Remarks


Greg Gutfeld on Tuesday apparently had enough of Conservatives making excuses for Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s offensive remarks so he asked Eric Bolling on ‘The Five’ to “Trumpsplain” what the hotel magnate meant when he said it was “disgusting” for Hillary Clinton to use the bathroom during the Democratic presidential debate.











“When Hillary makes up something as egregious as, ‘Donald Trump has now become ISIS’ recruiting tool,’” Bolling replied, “what [Trump] does is he responds as he does with everyone else — he goes back at whoever the attacker is.”

“I just wanted to hear you defend this,” Gutfeld responded. “Because I’ve heard people defend him about making fun of a disability, making fun of John McCain, making fun of women, a woman’s face. I wanted to hear somebody defend this as well. Because it never ends.”

“No one will ever stop defending the crass stuff he says,” he said. “I haven’t used that word [‘schlonged’] since I was seven years old. I don’t understand this — and I also don’t understand the comment about the bathroom. I’m sick of hearing people defend this stuff.”

“By the way,” Gutfeld added, “we’re not even allowed to use the word that he said, but somehow we’re going to have him on our network all the time. Meanwhile, we treat our employees far differently than that.”

“[Trump] was at a campaign rally saying, ‘She made something up, she lied about it,’” Bolling said. “Then he went on and pointed out the fact that she was late coming back from — ”

“That’s Trumpsplaining!” Gutfeld said.

Watch courtesy of Media Matters:

Gutfeld went on to say that Trump is “surrounded by toadies” that cheer him on.  He said the GOP frontrunner is  “very impulsive” and doesn’t think about what he says.

He asked, “Do you want an impulsive leader, or do you want a leader that thinks? I want somebody who can beat Hillary. I don’t think an impulsive leader is going to beat Hillary.”

We’re all sick to death of those who defend Trump’s demeaning rhetoric toward the disabled, Mexicans, women, prisoners of war, African-Americans and Muslims. And that’s the short list. It’s getting old and we need to see an adult get Conservative support for a change instead of a billionaire bully with Mommy issues.

The problem is, there are no adults at the GOP table.

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