Even Laura Ingraham, Fox And Friends Call Out Trump: ‘Where’s The Staff?’ (VIDEO)


With Hurricane Harvey pummeling Houston, Trump supporter Laura Ingraham and the Fox and Friends hosts want to know why Trump isn’t staffing important government positions in his administration. In a break from their usual glorification of Trump, Brian Kilmeade asked guest Laura Ingraham about this problem. Kilmeade asked, “Where’s the staff? Where’s homeland security? Where are…


  1. Michael Moore who correctly predicted the Trump victory last November is now saying that if the opposition does not come up with a more coherent message, Trump will win in 2020 as well. Given his track record, I think we need to pay attention.

    People we need to get busy. Hating Trump feels good, but it will not win an election. Sad to admit that grabbing p*ssy and possible treason will not dissuade Trump;s hard core base. It is going to be a tough fight when all Trump has to do is to keep tweeting insults against people his supporters hate, and blaming Congress for his failures.

    If the lack of staff leads to critical services not being provided, that is what we need to look at. Document and itemize the details of how America was hurt by Trump’s inaction or incompetence. But generic finger wagging is not going to win in 2020.

  2. It’s almost humorous to see these lying demagogues ask “where’s the government”? after spending the last 30 years crying about the size of government! Not having people staffed to run the bureaucracies is only the start of trumps plan to dismantle the very core of what liberals and progressives believe government should do in times of crisis.

    • Yeah their sense of eagerness to have the “big government” they have continually demonized seems out of place. I hope the next time they say something about how dems love handouts, I hope someone shows them a mirror.

  3. If this storm was in New York and Jersey again I bet they wouldn’t of said a thing about the lack of staffing.

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