Even More Republican Leaders Withdraw Support For Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Though some may believe the Trump campaign has stopped the bleeding from PussyGate, we’re still seeing fallout from Trump’s fellow Republicans as they run for the hills.

Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan have both resigned from leadership roles in the state Republican Party and called for Trump to step aside.

However, the Alaska Republican Party is still backing Trump as a whole – regardless of the resignations of several of its members.

Though the Senators stepped down voluntarily, party rules required they step down.

Party Rules dictate that members of its governing body – the Central Committee – can’t come out in opposition to a party nominee. They can remain neutral, but outright opposition requires that they step down, according to party officials.

Sen. Murkowski issued a statement regarding her resignation and refusal to support the Republican presidential candidate.

Offensive and inappropriate statements made by Donald Trump throughout this campaign have caused me to withhold my support or an endorsement… The video that surfaced yesterday further revealed his true character. He not only objectified women, he bragged about preying upon them. I cannot and will not support Donald Trump for President – he has forfeited the right to be our party’s nominee. He must step aside.

Sen. Sullivan issued a similar statement:

We need national leaders who can lead by example on this critical issue. The reprehensible revelations about Donald Trump have shown that he can’t. Therefore, I am withdrawing my support for his candidacy. Because I love Alaska and our country, I cannot and will not support Hillary Clinton.. She and her husband have their own sordid history of abuse of women… As such, I will continue to campaign for Republican candidates across Alaska and the country. Keeping Republicans in the Senate majority is critical to the economic and national security of Alaska and America. As for the White House, Donald Trump should step aside. I will support Governor Mike Pence for President.

The senators both join a growing not-fan club of ex-Trump supporters which include Speaker Paul Ryan, Sen. John McCain, and a growing number of others.

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