Ex-KKK Leader David Duke Practically Touching Himself Over Trump’s Star Of David Tweet


On Saturday, presumptive GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump tweeted out an anti-Semitic meme which caused a backlash. Trump’s campaign said he deleted the tweet soon after it went up because he “would never offend anyone.” However, the image Trump tweeted was of Hillary Clinton with backdrop of $100 bills and included the phrase “most corrupt candidate ever” inside a six-pointed Star of David.

The deletion caught the attention of Trump supporter and former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke who tweeted that he welcomes the exposure of “the hidden hand.”

“Seems something changed? That’s ok, we welcome the hidden hand exposing itself. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
#AmericaFirst,” Duke tweeted.

Trump’s tweet likely had neo-nazis touching themselves, after all, the image originated from a racist message board a week before the GOP candidate tweeted it. The bombastic hotel magnate has garnered white supremacist support across the board. In Alabama last year, shouts of ‘White Power’ could be heard from the stands at the Trump rally.

America’s most popular Neo-nazi site endorsed Trump last year, pointing to the billionaire’s acidic statements about Mexicans.

Duke also sent out a tweet calling Hillary Clinton a ‘ZIO-whore.’ “ZIO-whore Hillary & Her Seven Sleazy Zionist Top Campaign Donors,” he tweeted.


Trump and his avid supporter David Duke seem to have a lot in common. Duke included the Star of David image with the anti-Hillary Clinton meme he tweeted, too, but this time it won’t be deleted.

Featured image: Twitter.

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