Facepalm: Fox News Tries To Spin Dylann Roof Into A Leftist


On ‘Fox & Friends,’ Brian Kilmeade spoke with Kevin Jackson, author of “The Big Black Lie” and frequent Fox News guest, to weigh in on a study which concludes that right wing attacks are more of a threat than Islamic extremism.














Salon reports:

Jackson argued that Dylann Storm Roof, the 21-year-old white supremacist responsible for killing nine people in the historically-black Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, is actually of the left wing.

“In the case of Dylann Roof, they’ve just thrown him over in the right because he passed by a right-wing building or something,” Jackson argued. “I don’t know how they define that. Dylann Roof is a product of the left-wing, he’s a product of their education system, firmly, and as much as they want to blame it on the right, as far as I’m concerned, you can look at everything he’s done and it absolutely adds up to leftism.”

The left has never claimed that Roof happened upon a ‘right-wing building’ while out for a stroll.

Watch courtesy of Media Matters:

In Dylann Roof’s manifesto, it specifically points to the Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC), a right-wing organization which has donated money to prominent Republican politicians.

In Roof’s hands, he brandished the Confederate Flag in widely circulated photos. That flag is still flying high in South Carolina.  The left is joined by some Republican politicians in wanting it to come down. But make no mistake about it – we’ve wanted that fucking flag down for years.

When it does come down, Jackson will gift the right-wing with praise for its removal. We know how this works.

Meanwhile, Kilmeade objects to the study only counting deaths. We can play that game, too. Why wasn’t the right wing militia member who pointed a gun during the Bundy standoff at feds, ever arrested?

‘You can look at everything he’s done and it absolutely adds up to rightism.” FIFY.

Roof’s guns, the racist-flag and one of his mentor’s, a Conservative, prove that case for us, but THANKS for blaming the monster you created on us.

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Via: Salon, Media Matters.

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