Fake Scandal: FBI Found The Key Witness In Uranium One ‘Unreliable’ As Informant


Investigative journalist Michael Isikoff reports that William Douglas Campbell, the former FBI informant and linchpin of the ‘Uranium One’ controversy, “was considered so unreliable that prosecutors dropped him as a witness in an unrelated case involving Russian uranium sales.”

After wearing a wire to record conversations with Russian uranium businessman Vadim Mikerin, Campbell “proved a ‘disaster’ as a potential witness in the case when doubts arose about his descriptions of some events that could not be documented, one of the sources said.”

The one man on earth who claims to have direct evidence that Clinton and Obama were directly responsible for Uranium One has a history of making stuff up.

As a result, prosecutors dropped extortion charges against Mikerin that relied on Campbell’s testimony. “There was no question that [Campbell’s] credibility was such that [the prosecutors] had to  restructure the case,” the source said.  “He got cut out of the case entirely.”

[…] Campbell’s importance to the Mikerin investigation faded after prosecutors discovered discrepancies in his account of his dealings with Mikerin and other Russian figures, sources said.  Investigators also were unable to verify some of his more explosive allegations, including claims that he was threatened with violence if he did not participate in the scheme by helping to arrange kickbacks in exchange for contracts with Tenex. The doubts were serious enough that the U.S. attorney’s office in Maryland — which was prosecuting Mikerin under the direction of then U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein, now the deputy attorney general — felt compelled to alert defense lawyers to them.

Victoria Toensing, Campbell’s lawyer, denies this whole story. Instead, she insists that the Obama administration wanted the Uranium One sale for their Russian relations “reset” and covered up Campbell’s testimony, even though Mikerin was eventually convicted.

Importantly, Campbell only came up with his tale of Obama administration skulduggery after he talked to the feds.

“Two law enforcement officials with direct involvement in the Rosatom bribery case in which Campbell was an informant said they had no recollection or record of him mentioning the deal during their repeated interviews with him,” Reuters has reported.

Campbell told the news service that he has “documentation” to prove it, but his lawyer now tells Isikoff her client was “dazed” from chemotherapy and declined to give specific information.

Finally, Campbell has also publicly claimed that the government “silenced” him when he tried to launch a lucrative whistleblower lawsuit.

Isikoff reveals that a Mikerin co-defendant was still on trial at the time, however, so when Campbell’s litigation became yet another obstacle to justice, “prosecutors threatened to reveal derogatory information to the judge about Campbell’s dealings with the government if he pursued the civil case.”

It is absolutely within their rights and duties to prevent a fraud from being perpetrated on the courts. But there has been no similar check in Congress or the media.

William Douglas Campbell has made a whole career out of tall tales about Russian uranium sales. His lawyer has made sensational appearances on Fox News to feed the fires of fake scandal. Donald Trump and his media apologists have fanned these flames in order to distract from the special counsel investigation, or even get Robert Mueller fired.

As a result, Trump’s allies on Capitol Hill have taken secret testimony from Campbell while calling for a second special counsel to investigate the Clintons.

Uranium One is a fraud being perpetrated on America, and it’s time Mr. Campbell was called out in a public hearing, under oath.

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