‘Family Values’ Republican With Wife And Kids Caught On Video Doing What Those Guys Do Best


Ah, Iowa. You and I know it as a mess of corn and the center of the presidential politics universe. Oh, and the state where the long-serving white supremacist in Congress is from.

But to Iowa Senate Majority Leader Bill Dix, the state is home to fertile grounds for planting more than ethanol crops. In fact, a video originally posted on the Iowa Starting Line political website shows Senator Dix planting a kiss on a female lobbyist who is definitely not Mrs. Dix.

Iowa’s Republican Governor, Kim Reynolds, has already requested a meeting with the wandering Senate Leader, according to the Associated Press, although Dix and the lobbyist have as of yet refused to comment publicly on the story.

Democrats in the Iowa statehouse seized on the hypocrisy of Dix having co-sponsored an amendment to the state constitution that would have defined marriage as being between one man and one woman, an arrangement it seems he is now unsatisfied with.

The public record, however, shows Dix as having complained about liberals being the ones who were corrupting “family values,” back in 2006 during his failed campaign to become Iowa’s District 1 Representative in the US House. In a submitted written Q&A with the Quad City Times, Dix said:

“I co-sponsored the Constitutional Amendment in Iowa which defined marriage as between one man and one woman. I not only sponsored and voted for this amendment, but I was a leader who helped shepard [sic] this amendment through the Iowa House. Liberal activist judges are threatening our family values and you can count on me to be a leader in Congress who will stand up to them and work to pass this amendment to the United States Constitution.”

The video of Dix’s indiscretion is said to have been filmed on March 1st; only Bill Dix and his wife know what’s happened to their sanctified marriage since then. We do know that since this video was posted, Dix has now resigned.


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