Florida Lawmaker Mocks Rick Scott Official Over Refusing To Say ‘Climate Change’


A Florida state senator appearing before a Senate budget subcommittee mocked a state official after attempting to get him to say “climate change,” a term which was reportedly banned by Gov. Rick Scott (R).














Because if you don’t say the word, it isn’t really happening.

Tom Boggioni at Raw Story reports:

Director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management Bryan Koon spoke at length of the need for funds to warn residents in advance of floods, tornadoes and hurricanes in Florida, reports the Miami Herald.

Following some back and forth between Koon and State Senator Jeff Clemens (D), Clemens asked Koon if it is true that states need to have “climate change plans” to qualify for that federal money.

Koon went on to agree, saying it required “language to that effect.”

“I used ‘climate change,’” Clemens replied, “but I’m suggesting that maybe as a state, we use the term ‘atmospheric reemployment.’ That might be something that the governor could get behind.”

Clemens and Koon continued while Senators and those attending began to laugh.

Koon again avoided using the C word (no, not that word) and said the state’s mitigation plan required “language discussing that issue.”

“What issue is that?” Clemens asked.

“The issue you mentioned earlier,” Koon replied while the senate panel started laughing. Again.

Watch courtesy of Forecast The Facts:

If you ban a word or start burning books, then history never happened, and the future will be just fine.

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H/T: The awesomeness of @Raincheck1956. He is not askeered to say that word.

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