Florida Man Accidentally Shoots Himself During Job Interview At Elementary School


One Florida man had a very bad job interview. For some reason, the man decided to go armed during a job interview at Oscar Patterson Elementary School in Panama City and that didn’t work out too well for him at all. In fact, he shot himself during the interview.

WJHG reports:

Officers said during a press conference Friday afternoon that the man was at the school for a scheduled job interview. He is a part time correctional officer. At this time no charges are being pressed against him.

Panama City Police are investigating what they deemed to be an accidental shooting on Oscar Patterson Elementary School property Friday afternoon.

The unidentified man reportedly shot himself in the knee with a .22 Magnum and was subsequently transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Police said they do not believe the man was on school grounds with the intent to hurt anyone and as of now, no charges have been filed. Of course not. Just because he could have shot other people, that’s not reason to charge the idiot with negligence.

Meanwhile, just after the Missouri House passed a bill allowing guns on college campuses, there was a shooting on – wait for it – a college campus.

Police at University of Missouri were investigating reports of a shooting on campus after reports of gunfire. Police later confirmed that two shots were fired into the air, according to the Daily News.

Ah, the whole ‘more guns’ NRA talking point is working out swimmingly. We’re just glad that no children were in the line of fire. As for the college shooting, if you shoot a gun in the air, the bullet has to go somewhere. It doesn’t just keep going up forever and ever. We thought we needed to point that out for some reason.

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