Florida Poll Workers Tell Voters They Can Only Vote For Republicans (VIDEO)


Several people who tried to vote in Florida they were turned away with one woman (pictured) told that only Republicans could cast a vote. She was handed a ballot with only the names of Republican candidates.

A Polk County couple said they were nearly turned away but they were forceful about it, according to WFLA.

“We would have been turned away if we weren’t forceful about it,” said Theresa Wibert.

Wilbert said she was handed a ballot with only the names of Republican candidates so she spoke with two poll workers.

“A woman who was in charge told Wilbert that it was a closed Republican primary and it was not for Democrats,” Wibert told WFLA.

“The boss came over and said we could vote for Republicans only,” she said. “I couldn’t believe it. I told them I wasn’t leaving … It sure wasn’t politically correct.”

It wasn’t just Ms. Wilbert. Others were turned away, too.

“Not one person sitting at that table questioned the fact that there was no Democrat ballots on the table,” said Wibert.

“We pushed it a little further and the lady called a few people. Finally, she looked in the bottom of a closet and found a box with the Democratic ballots. Then they fixed it,” Wilbert said. “So we were able to vote for our candidate”

The Polk County Supervisor of Elections told WFLA that it was just an unfortunate mistake.

“The worker was counseled. But, the truth is, no voters were turned away,” said Lori Edwards. “It was a mistake. It was an unfortunate mistake and it got corrected immediately.”

Edwards added that the woman supervising the poll workers should have known better and felt terrible about the “bad mistake.”

Watch courtesy of WFLA:

Wibert said, “I think it’s terrible. And I think people that aren’t educated, or don’t know what’s going on, might have just voted for whoever.”

“It’s suspect,” she added. Indeed.

Image: Screengrab.

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