Forced Birth Nutjob Calls 12-Year Old Rape Victim An Abortion ‘Perpetrator’


What kind of monster would call an anonymous 12 year-old rape victim “a perpetrator” because she had an abortion?

Meet Lorie Mullins, the Executive Director of COPE Pregnancy Center, a Montgomery, Alabama “crisis clinic.” Such facilities use false promises of material support to shame and cajole poor, pregnant women and girls into motherhood.

Mullins held a press conference today with Win Johnson, conservative political acolyte of former Chief Justice Roy Moore, to decry the unknown girl’s successful bid to avoid becoming a mother while still in middle school.

According to the Associated Press, the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals ruled last Wednesday that the girl could obtain an abortion without parental consent.

“The decision says a relative now charged with statutory rape got the girl pregnant, and the girl was removed from her home after her mother reacted violently,” the report read. “The girl doesn’t know her father.”

When the girl asked a county court for a waiver of the parental consent law, a local district attorney objected, as there are apparently no rapists in their bailiwick so they have nothing better to do with their time than force random juvenile females to endure a high-risk pregnancy and birth. When the family court approved her application, the prosecutor appealed, thus delaying the procedure to make it even more dangerous.

Nor did either forced-birth activist at today’s press conference seem to care much about the girl’s well-being.

Which is not to say they showed no empathy at all. “There are two victims of this decision by the Court of Civil Appeals,” Johnson sniffed at today’s press conference. “The unborn child and the 12-year-old mother.”

“In essence, what the courts are saying to this young girl is this: ‘We, the courts of Alabama, consider you mature enough to decide to murder your own unborn child,'” Johnson added, clearly incapable of understanding why a 12 year-old might not want to have a baby.

According to Alabama reporter Josh Moon, Johnson then turned the microphone over to Mullins, who branded the girl a “perpetrator” for killing her fetus.

Mullins, who makes her living by lying to women about abortion, still insists that she is looking out for the girl’s best interests by wanting a chance to pressure her into teenage motherhood.

“The child needs a voice, not an abortion,” Mullins said according to local TV station WSFA. “She needs to be protected, not used as a pawn in the pro-abortion, pro-life arena,” she continued in a spasm of psychological projection.

Mullins (left) stands behind Johnson at today’s press conference. Via WSFA News

Speaking to the girl through the cameras, Mullins worried that she has been “robbed of your childhood” and says “don’t rob yourself of your future” — implying that the only proper future for a 12 year-old girl is motherhood rather than, say, an education, or a job, or a life of her own.

Mullins claims great expertise in these matters, after all. Places like her COPE center exist to spread lies, fabrications, and distortions about abortion in general, but especially about what it does to the minds and bodies of women. Anti-abortion crusaders often cite “abortion regret” even though all scientific studies have found that it is rare; Mullins is no different.

Of course, neither Mullins nor Johnson has any access to real information on the case, but that doesn’t stop them from declaring themselves experts on the girl’s needs, either.

Nationally, the forced birth lobby has refrained from openly discussing the criminalization of women who seek abortions. Such talk is wisely seen as too revealing of the cruelty which lies at the true heart of forced birth activism.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, forced birth fanatics even lobbied Donald Trump to retract his talk of “punishment” for women who receive abortions, a rare correction from a shameless candidate.

But Lorie Mullins and Win Johnson just pulled the mask off their social movement. As two of the most prominent representatives of forced birth politics in the Alabama state capitol, their crusade to make 12 year-old rape victims endure unwanted pregnancies should be seen as a feature, not a bug.

UPDATE: Transcripts of both statements are now available.

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