Fox Guest: Armor-Piercing Ammo Won’t Hurt Police Because They Are ‘Tiny Bullets’


Retailers stand to make buckets and buckets of delicious dollars by falsely claiming that President Obama is taking an executive order to ban certain types of AR-15 ammunition. Fear sells and Republicans are buying it.


This move is by the ATF who says that type of ammo can pierce the kind of body armor worn by police.

Cue: Fox News. Typically, that network protects police officers who have shot and killed black men and women, but suddenly Tucker Carlson gives zero fucks about cops’ lives.

He claims it’s about disarming citizens, and he had on a gun activist appear on his show who said these were “tiny bullets” that actually couldn’t pierce armor.

Carlson said the move was “not really about protecting cops as much as it is about disarming citizens.”

Raw Story reports:

But Mark Glaze, executive director of Every Town For Gun Safety, told the Fox News host that the reclassification really was about law enforcement because some handguns could also fire the ammunition.

“The problem is that these bullets still can pierce the armor that many police officers wear,” Glaze explained. “And the primary danger that police officers face on the street is handguns, not rifles or shotguns.”

Giles, founder of Girls Just Want To Have Guns, argued that the primary use of the M855 cartridges was target practice.

“The reason rifle shooters use this ammunition is because it’s accurate,” she said. “So the fact that the ATF wants to ban target shooting ammunition is beyond me.”

“They don’t actually want to ban target shooting ammunition,” Glaze responded. “They want to use other target shooting ammunition that can’t pierce through the Kevlar vests that police officers wear on the streets.”

“Sorry, it’s actually target ammunition,” Giles remarked, as if she actually believed the words pouring out of her mouth. “And no person who uses a gun to carry will use this because it’s not as effective as others.”

“And to say that this is going to pierce through the armor of cops is ridiculous because it’s a tiny bullet like this big,” she added, while using her fingers to show the size of the bullets.

“And to say that the cop’s Kevlar isn’t tough enough to handle that ammunition is ridiculous. And like the FBI said, no one has used this in a handgun to shoot a cop.”

Watch courtesy of Fox & Friends via Raw Story.

Perhaps Ms. Giles would like to put on a bullet proof vest and demonstrate how these “tiny bullets” are not a big deal.  I am a pacifist, but since she claims the ammo will not harm officers, then she should back up her claim.

Raw Story has more here.

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