Fox Guest: The Solution To Baltimore Is Electing A ‘White Republican Mayor’


Talk show host and Conservative author Kevin Jackson appeared on Fox News to offer his solution to the problems in Baltimore.












Jackson said, “If Baltimore had a white Republican Mayor you wouldn’t be talking about cops right now. you’d be talking about … accountability.”

Watch courtesy of Media Matters:

What a nifty idea. Baltimore, a diverse city already deeply divided by the rich and the poor, needs a white mayor to straighten out the black folks who have been at the center of protests after the fatal shooting of Freddie Gray, an unarmed black man. Mr. Gray’s spine was severed and his neck broken while in police custody. All of that can go away by electing a white mayor, says Kevin Jackson.

Jackson previously blamed the Ferguson protests on “idiotic liberals, people who are apologists, enablers, who want to tell these black kids, ‘It’s okay you don’t have a daddy, go rob a store!’”

Yes, we tell black people all day long to rob stores. That’s how liberals roll. Then we tell white people to be really good. Of course, that didn’t work out so well in Waco last month.

As Jelani Cobb at the New Yorker put it last month, “It was not difficult to see who set buildings on fire there last week. The more salient concern is how cities become kindling in the first place.”

Kevin Jackson also believes America needs a white Republican President. Right, because we’ve never had one of those before.

How about this: Voters support the best candidate. Crazy, huh? That’s why I voted for Barack Obama twice.

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