Fox Host Brings Out The Big Guns In Finance: Chachi On Trump’s Taxes (VIDEO)


Is rabid Trump fan Scott Baio the Republican nominee’s pick for Treasury Secretary?

Hey, don’t laugh, it could be true. If you don’t believe me, then why on earth would Fox News‘ Neil Cavuto go to Chachi to discuss Donald Trump losing nearly $1 billion in bad business deals, enabling him to avoid paying taxes for nearly two decades? No, I am not kidding. The Hollywood guy who hasn’t worked in nearly two decades, excluding a short-lived reality show, was Cavuto’s pick for financial analysis expert.

Appearing on Cavuto Coast-to-Coast on Monday, Baio explained to the Fox Business host that Trump losing $1 billion over the span of just a year showed that he’s the ultimate American success story.

“This guy lost his own money and then rebounded, because that’s what this country is all about,” Baio said. “My father went through the same thing, though not at a billion-dollar level. And he didn’t ask anything from anybody, he picked himself up and he kept going.”

Cavuto then asked Baio if his father wrote off his losses and didn’t pay any income taxes for years.

“I was three, I don’t remember,” Baio laughed.


Cavuto then asked Baio if Trump should have just released all his tax returns a year ago so that none of this would be news today.

“I don’t know, Neil,” he said. “Because I don’t know what’s all, what, what his, his lawyers were saying to him. I can’t answer that question — yes, maybe, no, maybe, I’m not him.”.”

OMFG. And you wonder why everyone is calling Baio a moron.

If you remember, Baio came unglued on-air when he was asked about the series of rape allegations filed against Donald Trump, his favorite candidate for president in the whole wide world. And now, according to Chachi, Donald Trump is the best businessman in the whole wide world, too.

Yes, Scott Baio is a moron.

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