Fox Host Calls Out Chris Christie For Lying About Trump’s Birtherism (VIDEO)


On Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace called out New Jersey Governor Chris Christie after he shamelessly lied about Donald Trump’s birther claims. Christie, a top Trump supporter and chairman of the campaign’s White House transition team, said that voters won’t decide who to vote for over the birther issue. Wallace said a lot of people would say that “Trump was trying to delegitimize the first African-American President. So that’s an issue for them.”

Wallace told the scandal-plagued Governor that Donald didn’t end the controversy. “He (Trump) continued to say that Hillary Clinton started the birther controversy,” Wallace said. “Question. Do you have any evidence that either Hillary or any member of her campaign in 2008 ever publicly questioned Barack Obama’s birthplace?”

“Well just look at the comments of Patti Solis Doyle,” Christie said.

Wallace shot back, “If you’re going to go there, what she said was that some volunteer in Iowa raised the question and was immediately fired. So that hardly seems like they were  pushing the birther issue.”

Christie continued to lie, saying, “The fact of the matter is that’s what happened during the Clinton campaign in 2008 and if they appropriately fired the person, good for them.” “The issue was raised by the Clinton campaign,” he added.

Christie went on to suggest there was a ‘whisper campaign’ going on.


Donald has relentlessly pursued the birther issue for years. And on CNN today, Christie lied again, saying that Donald did not pursue the birther issue for five years.

“Sure he did,” Jake Tapper shot back.

“It’s simply not true,” Christie said.

“It is true,” Tapper said again.

Trump actually took credit for proving that President Obama is a U.S. citizen, then went on to blame Hillary Clinton. So what the GOP presidential nominee did was circulate one conspiracy then cover it up with another one. And now, Christie is doing the same thing. If he really believes that then I have a bridge to sell him. Oh, wait.

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