Fox Host: Obama Is Going To Ban Christmas Cookies And Sprinkled Doughnuts (Video)


On Tuesday morning, a Fox & Friends segment altered viewers that the Obama administration was set to enact a ban on doughnut sprinkles, which meant that the government could take control of where you live and work next. It’s like another government takeover, but over doughnuts and cookies.

Fox & Friends’ hosts are bravely fighting against the War on Christmas even after the Pagan holiday over.



Conservative “news” site Breitbart claimed before Christmas that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had moved to “ban cake” and “donut ‘sprinkles”

Fox News host Clayton Morris told viewers  to “say goodbye to your favorite sprinkled doughnut.”

“They’re getting rid of doughnuts like these,” he said with a plate of cookies in his hand. “Doesn’t the FDA have more important things to do than regulate sprinkles?”

“What it is also saying to people is, ‘You’re just not responsible, right?’” Morris continued. “If you can’t eat one of these every other day, and you know that you’re going to have some other health issues if you’re eating doughnuts, that’s the main part of your diet, that’s probably going to have some issues, what the government is saying is, ‘Look, you’re not responsible for your own health so we’re going to step in and make sure we’re going to be responsible for you.’”

“You know, there’s a tendency to look at this policy and say, ‘What’s the big deal? You know, a ban on sprinkles on donuts, it’s just not that big of deal,’” Jason Lusk remarked. “But I think the way you want to look at that is to say that, you know, if the government can involve itself in such small minutia decisions of our daily lives as to whether we want to eat sprinkles or not, you know, that’s really not much respect for the citizens’ choices.”

“And if they’re willing to ban those small decisions, you know, what kind of respect will they give citizens in the large decisions in lives about where to work or where to live or some of the things that really matter?” he said.

Raw Story reports, “Morris went on to say that the government would also be banning crackers, frozen pizza, popcorn, coffee creamers and canned frosting.”

“If you’re making some cookies once a year with your kids on the holidays, that will be banned,” Morris declared.

Watch via Talking Points Memo:

Panic! Panic! Obama’s coming to take your doughnuts! But first he’s going to grab your guns while he sits smugly as the leader of the Obamacare-Benghazi-Ebola death panel.

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Image: Screen grab via TPM.

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