Fox Host On Clinic Shooting: Liberals Are Persecuting Christian White Republicans


Even though Fox News has repeated the words ‘baby parts’ on the network countless times – a voice which likely echoed in the head of Robert Dear – host Andrea Tantaros wants ‘liberals’ to stop ‘indicting an entire religion’ of ‘Christian white Republicans’ after the attack on Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

















Fox Business host Charles Paying weighed in to agree with Tantaros, saying that taxpayer money should not be used for abortion “particularly when they’re talking about selling baby parts.”

Hmm…where have we heard the term ‘baby parts’ recently? Aside from Fox ‘News’ hosts repeating it countless times, Robert Dear muttered those same words while he was arrested.

Payne went to to blame Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders because they “stoked these flames and anger.”

“And it was quite a leap… to point to a shooting and somehow link that to women not being able to get abortions,” Tantaros said. “They had not released information and people were already indicting an entire religion, Christian white Republican, before we even got details.”

Raw Story reports:

Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy argued that liberals were trying to tie the attacks to the anti-abortion movement as a plot to derail upcoming congressional hearings on Planned Parenthood.

“They are deeply embarrassed about these videos,” she insisted. “It pulled the curtain on what really happens in the back rooms of those abortion clinics. And that’s what this is about, they want to muzzle us.”

Tantaros added that “the left” wanted to stop all talk about “the illegal harvesting of baby parts on the off chance that some lunatic out there might hear that rhetoric and decide to go shoot up a clinic.”

“And also, what if more people had guns there, guys?” Payne asked as if women should be armed when going to a clinic. “What if people could have defended themselves?”

“It may have been a different outcome,” Tantaros said.

It’s nice how they got the words ‘baby parts’ and ‘guns’ into the same segment, don’t you think?


Firstly, Fox News is complicit after repeating lies meant to target Planned Parenthood.

Secondly, Andrea Tantaros joined Bill O’Reilly on “The Factor” at the end of July in reaction to a video of a reporter who was allegedly threatened at a Black Lives Matter conference.

“This is par for the course,” Tantaros said. “These far-left groups take whatever tactic they need to bully and intimidate to get their points across.”

Tantaros has repeatedly lied in order to demonize the Black Lives Matter movement, whereas ‘Christian’ Conservatives have actually killed in the name of their God over legal abortions – and the Army of God hero-worships the killers.

Conservatives on social media heralded Robert Dear as a ‘hero’ after he killed three people and injured nine others.

An evangelist told his 1.8 million fans on Facebook to ‘punish’ Planned Parenthood and make doctors ‘afraid for their lives’ — but let’s not be mean to Conservative ‘Christians’ though.

That would be indicting an entire religion, just like Fox News does to Muslims. Although, I never heard of the ‘Christian white Republican’ religion before.

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