Fox Host: Poll Numbers Don’t Count Because ‘10,000 People’ Show Up At Rallies (VIDEO)


When Donald Trump was doing well in the polls, he and his supporters touted them endlessly. Now that his numbers are spiraling downward like a Trump Train Wreck, his supporters suddenly have an aversion to polls. Just like one of Donald’s top advisers did yesterday, Fox News’ Eric Bolling, too, refused to see reality.

During a discussion of whether Donald Trump bringing Breitbart CEO Steve Bannon onboard would help the GOP nominee’s campaign (it won’t), Dana Perino got into it with Bolling over his argument that polls don’t matter.

On ‘The Five,’ Dana Perino said that Breitbart has a history of cherry-picking polls in order to make Trump look like he’s ahead. Bolling responded, “These polls, Dana, honestly, we have to stop with these polls.”

Talking Points Memo reports:

“They’re insane with these polls,” Bolling continued, as someone just out-of-frame sighed heavily. “Just look at what’s going on. You look at a Trump rally, and there’s 12, 15, 10,000 people –”

“Eric, you cannot believe that,” Perino shot back. To Bolling and other Trump supporters, the size of the rallies mean you’ll win the presidential election.

“It’s a real disservice to his supporters to lie to them that those polls don’t matter,” Perino said. “You cannot take 12,000 people at a rally that are your definite supporters, that are going to show up to campaign, and then say the polls are wrong.”

Bolling then went on to explain why polls are irrelevant.

“You pick up the phone and say, ‘Who are you going to vote for?’ That person says, ‘Well, I’m going to vote for Hillary Clinton.’ But they’re not out there voting,” he said. “The people getting out in the street and going to a rally, those are people who will get up off the couch.”


Perino compared his reasoning to the same argument used in 2012 when Mitt Romney supporters argued that polls were wrong. We all remember the skewed polls’ guy who was later proven wrong.

Perino said that logic left people “mad and disappointed” on Election Day.

After the show, Perino tweeted:

Again, Donald is down in every single poll. Math is hard. Donald isn’t really even trying. It’s almost as if he wants to lose. Wish granted!

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