Fox Host Todd Starnes Blames ‘Record-Breaking Floods’ In D.C. On Supreme Court Ruling


Fox News Radio host Todd Starnes thinks the End Is Nigh, because the gays.












Starnes wrote that “Record-breaking floods have inundated Washington, D.C. just days after the Supreme Court decided they knew better than God” and added, “Anybody got an ark?”

The End Times are here because two people in love can now marry.

Starnes, the host of Fox News & Commentary, alerted his followers after the Supreme Court’s decision to allow same sex couples the right to marry nationwide.

Media Matters reports:

After the decision, Starnes tweeted: “If you thought the cultural purge over the Confederate flag was breathtaking — wait until you see what LGBT activists do with Christians.” He wrote on Facebook: “Friends, it is imperative that you prepare yourselves, your families and your congregations for the coming persecution … These are troubling days – and we must be willing to defend religious liberty.” (In reality, such religious liberty concerns are bunk.)

His assessment veered toward end times territory in a June 28 Facebook post where he wrote: “Record-breaking floods have inundated Washington, D.C. just days after the Supreme Court decided they knew better than God. I seem to remember another time in history when there was a record-breaking flood.” He added: “God painted the sky with rainbow colors after that flood. This go-around – Obama painted the White House with rainbow colors. Anybody got an ark?”

Todd is being bashed on Twitter.


































































Starnes at one time questioned whether President Obama is secretly gay, so some ol’ lady weighed in.







Just after the Supreme Court ruling, this happened:












As it happens, same-sex marriage – now actually legally called ‘marriage’ — has been been a thing in Canada for 10 years.

That’s the country many Conservative twitter users wanted to flee to after the ruling. For reals.

Just like with Obamacare, when they vowed to pack their belongings and move there; a country with socialized health care.

You can’t make this stuff up. I think I saw one guy (just one) agreeing with The Todd, but other than that, he was cannibalized by Twitter users and he will likely attribute that to being persecuted. Poor thang.

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