Fox Hosts Baffled; Can’t Understand Why Obama Has Never Attended A Tea Party Rally


Fox News host Charles Payne takes issue with President Obama never attending a tea party rally. The panel on Fox & Friends discussed the fact that Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush, skipped Steve King’s Iowa “freedom” summit, and somehow then turned the conversation into why Obama has never attended a tea party rally.

Heater at Crooks And Liars has the dialogue:

PAYNE: I love that you said that. That’s one of my criticisms of President Obama, He never went to a tea party event.

CARLSON: Exactly!

PAYNE: He never went to see what it was all about. He let the media smear a whole bunch of people who were just concerned about their country and never stepped in and as things… and as he governed this way for six years, the nation sort of pulled apart instead of together. So to your point, yeah, you go. So this is not your audience. Go. You talk to them and tell them what your dream is for the country.

Watch courtesy of Crooks And Liars:

Ooo pick me! Pick me! I can answer that question.

These self-deemed ‘patriots’ hate the government, hate Obama, think he’s from Kenya, call him the “Usurper”, casually hold racist signs, support Larry Klayman who wanted Obama to come out of the White House with his Muslim hands up, and equally offensive are their misspelled signs. Tea Partiers have shown blatant disrespect for Mrs. Obama and the First Daughters.

A few Tea Party signs:

This astroturfed movement is inundated with rabid attack dogs deplete of any common sense or intellect. They’re like the bully in the 5th grade that you kept your distance from because he was a psychopath.

Their answer to every problem in this country is to shut the government down.

Yeah Obama, why won’t you attend a tea party rally so that you can accomplish nothing? Damn you, Obama.

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H/T: Crooks And Liars.

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