Fox News Anchor Trashes Trump: His Remarks ‘Don’t Even Border On Being Human’ (VIDEO)


Neil Cavuto, a highly placed Fox News functionary, has come out aggressively against Donald Trump’s handling of the recent shoplifting incident involving three UCLA basketball players and the father of one of them, LaVar Bell.

The Fox News host said Trump’s remarks “don’t even border on being human”.


Cavuto’s reference to Trump’s sophomoric reference to outgoing Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) is based, in part, on this Tweet:

This isn’t the first time Cavuto has been critical of Trump. Here are a few other examples:

No doubt Trump will fire back because that’s just what he does. Then again, he’s remained uncritical despite a lot of other Fox personalities having broken ranks with him as well, including Megyn Kelly, Bill O’Reilly, Shepard Smith, and Chris Wallace.

Even if Trump doesn’t respond, at least some of his supporters may be taking Fox News off their list of cable favorites, allow them to channel surf from championship wrestling to “Duck Dynasty” reruns without landing on it and possibly being subjected to “fake news.”

Almost certainly, talking heads like Sean Hannity will boost the Trump banner even higher as is his custom. Here’s what he had to say in August:

You know, I am like the—I am—I am the only one that is as strongly supportive of the president, of anyone else at Fox. I think that’s a fair statement.

Is right-wing dissension by the likes of Cavuto signaling a sea change in Trump’s already sinking approval ratings?

Let’s hope so.

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