Fox News Fans Launch Boycott After Companies Pull Ads From Hannity’s Show, Backfires Immediately


Fox ‘News’ host Sean Hannity’s coverage of GOP Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore’s scandal was so bad that at least five companies have pulled its ads from his show. So far, Keurig,, 23 and Me, Eloquii and Nature’s Bounty have all pulled their ads from Hannity’s  show in response to his coverage of the sexual misconduct allegations against Moore from four women in an explosive report which was corroborated by 30 people. Last week, Hannity asked his viewers to give Moore the benefit of the doubt and at one point, he said the sexual misconduct with teenage girls, one of them being only 14-years-old, was “consensual.” Hannity quickly walked that back, though.

So now, Fox News fans are boycotting Kuerig, which will probably go down as well as their Starbucks’ boycott.

Oh look, here’s a felon supporting Hannity’s show:

As a shock to no one ever, the hashtag appears to have been supported by Russia, however, it was quickly taken over and it backfired quickly.

The hashtag #FireHannity is now being used to target his remaining advertisers.

#BoycottKeurig was trending at the number one spot on Twitter but it’s falling quickly.

Hannity was also dropped by Cadillac following his response to the violence at the hate-rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in which Nazis carried torches while shouting Nazi-era slogans in Donald Trump’s name. E-Trade also pulled ads from his show.

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