Fox News Host Criticizes Parkland Students, Instantly Gets Slapped Down By Internet Karma


Fox “News” host Laura Ingraham is a narrow-minded moron with no manners and a whiny voice that makes dogs howl in pain.

However, Ingraham thinks she’s right about everything, so when she saw a tweet from one of the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School in Parkland, Florida, she couldn’t resist commenting. But the reaction the Fox host received should serve as a warning to her: Making smartass remarks to brave young people is never a good idea.

Here’s the tweet from Douglass High student Sarah Chadwick that upset Ingraham so much:

And here’s Laura’s snotty response:

Chadwick let Ingraham have a dose of her own medicine:

But it was what others had to say to the Fox hack that should convince her to delete her account:

It would be nice to say that an adult like Laura Ingraham should know better than to pick on kids, but that would require overlooking the fact that she acts like a toddler with bad manners, much like her political savior, Donnie Daintyhands.

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