Fox News Puts Out Fake News About Former President’s Demise


Fox News’ Insider blog reported over the weekend that former president Jimmy Carter died at 93:

This would have been a top-notch scoop if it weren’t for one minor detail: Jimmy’s still alive and well, as his wife, Rosalynn, pictured with him below, would attest:

In their defense, Fox retracted the statement:

CORRECTION: This article previously incorrectly stated that former President Jimmy Carter had died. We sincerely regret the error.

Ok, we’ll give them that, even though it took a reader like this one to point out the gaffe:

If lollipops grew on trees and unicorns crapped diamonds everywhere, we’d have every right to expect the Chump in Chief to trumpet the original post as a glaring example of fake news. It would be nice if we saw a tweet like this from him:

Either that, or he’ll humbly and quietly delete this little jewel:

Or maybe he’ll find and replace “CNN” with “FOX.”

Alas, we’ll see no such tweets.

In any case, this retraction is a one-off, as evidenced by all the other non-retracted lies to be found on the site; look here.

That’s right. It’s the whole damn site.

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Featured image via screen capture. 

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