Fox News’ Resident Quack: Trump Talking About His D*ck Size Proves He’s Sane (VIDEO)


Fox News’ resident quack Keith Ablow went on Fox & Friends this week to offer his psychiatric opinion on the preparation strategy of the Democrat and Republican candidates. During the interview with the show’s brain-dead five, Ablow said that Donald Trump was able to talk openly about the size of his penis during the GOP primary debates shows he has a “strong mind.”

A strong head (pun intended), maybe. But strong mind? Hahahaha.

Part of the discussion went like this:

Tucker Carlson: Doctor, it’s great to see you this morning. This doesn’t sound like a crazy strategy to me, and it’s something I think that every presidential candidate does during the debates. You’re trying to figure out how to pick at the other guy’s weaknesses. Will this work with Trump?

Keith Ablow: Well, sure, it’s something that every candidate probably does, probably should do. Psychology’s a very powerful tool to unearth what does get under people’s skin, if you will. But listen, with Donald Trump, kind of what you see is what you get. I have to say, when the small hands issue was raised during the debate, this supposedly got the Clinton campaign very excited. They thought, “Man, he’s off his game.” He wasn’t off his game at all. Freud would have been standing up, like applauding, standing ovation. To be able to address such an intensely personal issue and say, “Listen, there’s no problem in that department,” to me that showed an incredible degree of psychological strength.


Following Monday’s New York Times article on Hillary Clinton’s debate prep strategy, Ablow said it would be quite difficult for the Democratic candidate to get under Trump’s skin. Why? Wait, this is good: his psychological strength. Hahahaha.

And to what does Ablow attribute that strength? Trump’s ability to deflect talk of his small hands/small penis during the primary debates.

As Wonkette surmised, “Some of these right-wing pundits think far too much about, and with, their dicks.”

Wonkette also made note of the fact that Ablow was the genius who explained that all Newt Gingrich’s “extramarital bonings secretly demonstrated his moral strength, since he was so virile and attractive to women that they kept throwing themselves at him even though he was already married.”

Is it any wonder psychiatrists need their own psychiatrist?

We’re talking about preparing for the esteemed presidential debates,Dr. Ablow, not penis envy. Donald Trump may not want, or think he needs a lot of debate prep, but drugstores everywhere are running out of Prep-H because the Republican nominee has become such a huge pain in the GOP’s ass.

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