Fox News Spins Even More Lies About Trump’s ‘Winning’ Record On Jobs


Imagine if there were a news outlet so partisan that it outright lies to its own viewers regularly.

I don’t mean trying to preach to the choir, a lá Rush Limbaugh. Yes, he lies regularly, but his listeners tune in to do the kind of head-nodding you can only do with an old friend. Remember, he made his money on being able to be as partisan as possible after the demise of the Fairness Doctrine. No, I mean a network that recognizes its viewers are impressionable and uses that leverage to tell them lies. It exists, although if you’re reading this, you watch it only for research purposes. C’mon, you know who I’m talking about.

Fox News was founded in 1994 ostensibly with the sole purpose of derailing Bill Clinton’s presidency. Now they advance their agenda almost entirely through sexism, racism, and pure fabrications.

What are the lies of the day? Saturday, over a span of a few hours, Fox tweeted a series of graphics that were not just misleading, but obscenely so:

If you can’t see the problem here, maybe you’ve seen one too many infographics over the last few years. Fox is counting on it, in fact.

The first two graphics are possibly the most offensive, since they’re irrelevant to any real world metrics. Unemployment rate after 100 days in office? No president has ever been able to effect change in the unemployment rate in 3 months. It’s the word “after” that Fox uses to make you think it has something to do with the name next to the number. “After” 100 days, Obama’s unemployment rate was 9%. Never mind the fact that he took office during the Bush recession, and America was hemorrhaging hundreds of thousands of jobs per month. Never mind the fact that it peaked only nine months after he was inaugurated, and turned around massively. How massively?

Now that is an infographic.

Other tweeters weren’t about to let Fox get away with their bullshit, either:

So what’s the number that really matters?

How good are things when your policies are responsible? That’s how you gauge whether someone’s done a good job or not. I sense a pattern, though. According to a 2015 Princeton economic study, the economy fares universally better under Democratic leadership than under Republicans.

Source: Joint Economic Committee report, March 2016

There is no honesty at Fox News, and they know it. They’re just hoping nobody calls them out on it.

Featured image via flickr/Johnny Silvercloud

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