Fox News: Stop Making Fun Of Trump For Saying He’d Rip A Gunman Apart With His Bare Hands (VIDEO)


Fox News has had it with all of y’all criticizing Donald Trump, a 71-year-old former reality show star who received five military deferments to avoid serving, one of them because his feet hurt, for saying that he would have gone into the Florida high school unarmed to save the children from the gunman who opened fire last week, killing 17. Stop being mean to the overweight so-called president who recently started taking more time off so he could sit in bed, eating Big Macs while rage-watching TV in the mornings because he totally would have saved the children after tearing himself away from his Twitter account.

A Fox News panel apparently wants late-night hosts to start acting politically correct, which is kind of funny coming from ‘fuck your feelings’ conservatives.

“Seems to be a horrible thing to joke about. This was the reaction on late-night shows,” Fox News host Sandra Smith said after the network played clips of comedians Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, and Trevor Noah.

Fox’s Katie Pavlich weighed in to say that “for them to make this a joke says a lot about where they are on this, and they’re doing nothing actually come up with solutions to harden our schools.”

Raw Story reports:

During the discussion, guest panelist Christopher Bedford of the Daily Caller remarked that The Daily Show was no longer relevant and then noted that a coach killed in the Parkland shooting was a fan of his conservative news site.

“People did die running in there without weapons — football coach Aaron Feis, a Daily Caller fan, gave his life heroically to try to save these children, he had no weapon,” Bedford said.


Mmkay, but was Coach Fels a, lazy, punk ass, selfish old man? I thought not.

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Image: DeepStateNation photoshopped this because Trump is a lazy git. 

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