Fox News Surprises Everyone, Bans Trump-Supporting KISS Bassist Gene Simmons For Life


It’s about time. Gene Simmons (née Chaim Witz), the washed up 68-year old former KISS showman, has been banned from the conservative Fox network “for life,” following a series of lewd acts during which he barged in on a show meeting and exposed his bloated body to female show staffers, insulted their intelligence and told lewd pedophile jokes.

A favorite guest of the conservative network for years (he’s a Trump supporter), Simmons was appearing on Fox and Friends and Mornings With Maria to promote his new book. But once again the sexist pig couldn’t help himself. During the meeting he interrupted he let loose with uncalled for comments similar to the ones on Donald Trump’s Access Hollywood tape, harassing female staff by exposing his 68-year old chest and belly and shouting “Hey chicks, sue me!”

If that wasn’t enough, he started telling the group Michael Jackson pedophilia jokes, and then made contemptuous comments about the women’s comparative intelligence according to the sound their heads made when struck.

Simmons has become well known for creating sexist controversy. Recently he claimed women had to choose between a family and a career, stating: “Get over your biological urges … It’s natural to want to have kids, but, sorry, you can’t have it both ways. You have to commit to either career or family. It’s very difficult to have both.”

Reeling from the multi-million dollar payoffs of its network scandals of sexual harassment by Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes, it appears FOX has finally had enough. Simmons’ comments and behavior were reported to a supervisor, which prompted HR executive Kevin Lord to permanently ban Simmons from the building. Soon Simmons’s photograph was posted Wednesday at the security entrance of the company’s Manhattan headquarters on Avenue of the Americas, along with a “do-not-admit” advisory.

Simmons also will no longer be permitted on any FOX programming. Although his interview with had already been taped, it will not be published.

Ironically, the Trumpster was fired by reality TV host-turned-POTUS during the 7th season of Celebrity Apprentice.

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