Fox ‘News’ Takes A Cheap Shot At Michelle Obama, Immediately Regrets It


Harvey Weinstein is the latest powerful figure caught in a scandal over his predatory behavior towards women. Weinstein is being called out on both sides of the aisle, but Fox News seems upset somehow that Michelle Obama didn’t have ESP in 2013 when she said the Hollywood producer is a “wonderful human being” and a “good friend.” Meanwhile, Fox News has a lengthy history of employing sexual predators such as Bill O’Reilly, Eric Bolling, Roger Ailes, and the network still praises Donald Trump, even though he was outed in the Hollywood Access video clip before the election.

Fox tweeted out its ‘article.’

Twitter users fired back.

Fox ‘News’ just got dragged around by the Internet. The network has covered up scandals for years, knowing that some of its high profile employees were accused of sexual misconduct.

Meanwhile, Democrats are transferring donations they received from Weinstein to worthwhile charities. In contrast, conservatives keep gifting Donald Trump with donations even after he admitted to grabbing women by the pu**y because he’s powerful. Powerful – just like Harvey Weinstein.

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