Fox Poll Shows Trump In Serious Trouble While Obama’s Approval Rating Soars


GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump is having a very bad week, but to the rest of us, we’ve seen his campaign as a sign of madness with the party since his campaign started – something that an ‘autopsy’ report won’t cure. The GOP now needs an exorcism. A new Fox poll released shows that Donald is in serious trouble. In late June, a Fox poll showed pretty much the same thing except now, it’s even worse for the bombastic candidate.

Yahoo reports:

Late Wednesday afternoon, a serious obstacle to Trump’s strategy emerged in the form of a poll sponsored by the Trump-friendly Fox News Network. To be clear, that’s Fox News — the network that employs Sean Hannity, the television host who has been Trump’s most ardent supporter, and Bill O’Reilly, who runs a close second.


In the poll conducted in late June, it showed Clinton ahead by six percent nationally, 44 to 38. But, in the newest poll, Clinton leads by 10 percentage points, 49 percent for Clinton and 39 percent for Trump.

As recently as May, Trump was leading Clinton by a 45-42 margin.

The same Fox poll shows President Obama’s approval rating at 52 percent, which is the highest it has been since early in his first term. Even worse for the Republican candidate, the percentage of Americans happy with the direction of the country was the highest it’s been since 2013. This is bad news for Trump who speaks of gloom and doom and the apocalyptic economy (there is no apocalyptic economy). Donald sounds like an out of control narcissistic hell and brimstone preacher while offering no evidence to back up his claims.

Trump is on a downward spiral and the culprit is his massive ego. Trump was amusing at first, someone to point and laugh at. And now, he’s just dangerous. He may have jeopardized our national security again.  North Korea just endorsed him and he’s got a bromance going on with Vladimir Putin. Donald has disparaged American war heroes but his supporters give him a pass.

What a hot embarrassing mess. Get your shit together, GOP.

Featured image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr. 

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