Fox Thanksgiving Segment: Black Co-Host Is Asked If She ‘Makes Kool-Aid’


There was an awkward moment during a cooking segment on Fox & Friends when Brian Kilmeade asked Fox News host Harris Faulkner if she served Kool-Aid with her meals.













During a Thanksgiving cooking segment on Wednesday just before the Thanksgiving holiday Faulkner shared her recipe for making peach cobbler, according to Raw Story.

Faulkner was trying to quickly explain how the dish was prepared, as is usually the case of cooking shows/segments, when suddenly, Kilmeade asked her, “Do you make Kool-Aid?”

Watch, uploaded by Raw Story:

“Uh, do I do what?” she asked.

“Make Kool-Aid,” Kilmeade repeated.

“Uh, no,” Faulkner said. “I – I don’t make Kool-Aid.”

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Image: Screen grab via Raw Story.

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