Fraternity Suspended Over Notebook Containing Entries On Lynching And Rape


A North Carolina State University fraternity was suspended after a pledge book of a local chapter was found near the Raleigh campus containing pages and pages of racially and sexually charged language.
















Leaders at North Carolina State University and national representatives of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity quickly condemned the contents of the fraternity pledge book.

“It’s unacceptable. It’s offensive, and the things written in there are something we’re taking very, very seriously,” Pi Kappa Phi CEO Mark Timmes said, according to WRAL. “It’s not consistent with our values.”

The frat book also contained derogatory comments about women and children and includes a list of names which matches up with a membership list which has since been removed from the Pi Kappa Phi website.

“I find the content highly disturbing,” said Dr. Mike Mullen, N.C. State’s vice chancellor for academic and students affairs and dean of students..

“We are still trying to get our arms around the situation,” Timmes said.

On Friday, Pi Kappa Phi placed the North Carolina State Tau chapter on interim suspension.

Mullin said a meeting took place of the interfraternity council Friday in which all NC State fraternities agreed to suspend social events where alcohol is served for the rest of the spring semester.

“We have to do everything we can to make sure this is an environment that’s safe and provides an effective learning atmosphere for everyone,” Mullen said.

The book was found in a restaurant near the campus.

“This is just a group of 60-something young men at State making jokes about raping people, raping children, raping dead women, making very overt racist comments,” Katie Perry, a senior at the school  said.

“It will be short and painful, just like when I rape you,” one page reads.

“If she’s hot enough, she doesn’t need a pulse,” another read.

“That tree is so perfect for lynching,” reads another.

“Be kind to the whales because they’ll lead you to the dolphins,” says a fourth.

“I hope other fraternities are disgusted,” she said. “I hope that if they do have this sort of thing going on in theirs, that they’ll realize, whether they want to or not, that they should change, that they shouldn’t promote this kind of behavior.”

“There’s no excuse,” Perry continued to say. “These aren’t children. They’re my age. They’re saying this. They know what they’re doing.”

“It reflects badly on us, I think,” student Josh Tanner said. “I thought we were better than than, that we’d moved past the racism stuff.”

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