Gold Star Family Shames Trump For His Lack Of Response To Niger Deaths


Khizr Khan and his wife Ghazala Khan took time on Tuesday to speak to The Hill, offering solidarity to the families of the four Green Berets that were killed in Niger earlier this month. Donald Trump has been seemingly ignoring the deaths, which occurred on October 4. When asked a pointed question about his delay in response, Trump offered a word salad heavy on excuses and slathered in a whole lot of nothing else.

Khizr Khan first came to prominence in 2016 during the Democratic National Convention where he spoke on behalf of Gold Star families and then-candidate Hillary Clinton. The Khans lost their son in 2004 while he was serving the Army in Iraq. Their son was awarded both the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star posthumously.

No one can forget the sight of the brave immigrant holding up a pocket-sized copy of the United States Constitution and pointedly directing a question to then-GOP-candidate Donald Trump, asking Trump if he had ever read the document.

Khan slammed Trump today for not reaching out to the families and for giving the flimsy excuses he offered at the press conference in the Rose Garden on Monday. Trump attempted to say that other presidents had never reached out to the families of fallen soldiers and he has been taken to the cleaners for even attempting to deflect from this egregious behavior on his part.

In their statement to The Hill, the Khans said that Trump’s:

selfish and divisive actions have undermined the dignity of the high office of the presidency, one more time he has shown the nation him undeserving of the leadership of our great nation.

The Khans also stated that they stand with the affected families as they grieve and extend prayers for “their strength and peace.” Their statement continued:

And tell them that this nation will never forget the service and sacrifice the brave hero sons made on behalf of this great nation and for our liberty and safety; their families’ service and sacrifice will also be always remembered.

The Khans serve as an example of how America was built and how she has stayed strong through over two centuries. It is shameful that the commander-in-chief of the military didn’t find it necessary to share condolences with the families who gave their sons for this country. Kudos to the Khans for continuing to display the true meaning of American patriotism.

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