GOP Candidate Took Food Stamps, Somehow Had Money To Fund Own Campaign


In today’s Stranger Things’ upside down world, facts are for terrorists, ethics are for losers, and killing the poor and middle-class with harmful policies is celebrated. Donald Trump may have filed for 6 bankruptcies, but he’s about to morally bankrupt America…again.

For years now, we have been bombarded with soulless republicans blaming and shaming the poor for having the audacity to want to eat something other than dog food. Despite the fact that the cost of food stamps for the average taxpayer is a laughable $36 per year while the cost of corporate subsidies is $870, these Torquemadas have proposed cutting food stamps by $23B in the 2017 budget.

But guess what? A former Republican Party U.S. Senate candidate in Oregon reportedly took food stamps while or shortly after having enough money to fund his own pathetic campaign. The hypocrisy will kill you!

Via Raw Story:

The Register-Guard first revealed this week that Mark Callahan, who is currently running to be chairman of the Oregon GOP, received welfare benefits from the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

The paper notes that Callahan has a history of failed candidacies, including “for the U.S. Senate (twice), Eugene-area seats in the state Legislature (three times), the Lane County Board of Commissioners, the Eugene School Board, the Mount Hood Community College Board and, in 2012, for president.”

Bute here’s the best (or worst) part: Callahan  told reporter Saul Hubbard that he took the food stamps “to provide food for my 2 young daughters and myself.”

“The amount of SNAP benefits I received after the primary election was very meager in comparison to others,” Callahan insisted.

This is the same party that perennially thinks that anyone using food stamps is a lazy, taker who just needs to pull themselves up by the bootstraps. And yet they feel that when they need it, they deserve it. I guess because they’re white and wear a suit or something? In short, it’s hard and cold capitalism for us and socialism for them.

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