GOP Governor Blasts Republicans For Defending Roy Moore


In order to defend Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore over his alleged sexual misconduct with teenage girls when he was in his thirties, Republicans have been twisting themselves into pretzels trying to make the victims out to be the villains. One Republican invoked Jesus, while another called for Moore’s victims to be prosecuted. Evangelical leader Jerry Falwell, Jr. said the victim is “not credible.” The victim, by the way, voted for Donald Trump in 2016. Alabama Marion County GOP chair David Hall said that it was “40 years ago” anyway and they only “kissed.” That’s fake news. Moore allegedly groped the 14-year-old girl when he was 32, then guided her hand down to his genitals. Another GOP Alabama official said that even if the accusations are true, he’d rather vote for a pedophile then a Democrat.

One Republican governor called out Moore’s defenders.

Maryland governor Larry Hogan called for Moore to withdraw from the U.S. Senate special election. Hogan said what many of us have thought. What if the victim was one of their daughters. Or what if the accused was a Democrat.

Hogan, in a statement, according to The Washington Post, delivered some harsh criticism of Moore’s defenders, saying they “should ask themselves if they would be so quick to excuse him if the victim was their daughter or if the offender was a Democrat,” he said via a spokesman.

Hogan continued to say that Moore is “unfit for office and should step aside. Americans are better than this.”

The Washington Post reports:

The comments are an unusual departure for Maryland’s popular Republican governor, a moderate who has generally avoided entanglements within the national party and is careful of not being too critical of its leader, President Donald Trump. Recently, however, the governor has publicly disagreed with the president on issues such as Trump’s comments after the Confederate memorial rally in Charlottesville that turned violent this summer.

This morning, Moore spoke to a small crowd at a Veterans Day breakfast just outside Birmingham, Ala, and said that he has been “investigated more than any other person in this country.”

That’s probably not a very good defense, Mr. Moore. The accusers didn’t know each other, but their stories were very similar and 30 people corroborated the explosive report.

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