GOP Rep Can’t Wait For Kid Rock To MAGA In Congress, And America Is Appalled


When I first wrote about Robert Ritchie — AKA Kid Rock — possibly running for the United States Senate back in July, it was with a smile on my face. The idea of it is laughable at best. To begin with, Mr. Rock would be facing Debbie Stabenow, a Democrat who’s been representing Michigan in Congress for nearly 40 years. But even setting aside the nearly insurmountable odds against him, the Detroit rapper-cum-country star is kind of a joke.

Image via Pinterest

Obviously, however, Wisconsin Rep. Sean Duffy hasn’t seen that picture. Or maybe he has, who knows? Perhaps Duffy became a fan of Kid Rock back in 1997 when Kid was still releasing rap albums. Duffy himself was starring on MTV’s The Real World that year, so maybe being a white, wannabe idiot influenced his tastes at the time as well.

Whatever the case, Duffy is a big fan now:

And despite the fact that Kid Rock is already running afoul of campaign laws, Duffy seems to think the white trash icon stands a real chance. That’s why Twitter had to set him straight.

Some tweeters pointed out Kid Rock’s, uh… Moral failings:

But the prevailing sentiment was simply that Rep. Duffy was possibly suffering from cranial-rectal reversal syndrome:

There really isn’t a whole lot to add to that. Congressman Duffy is unlikely to see how stupid he looks allying himself with a half-wit like Kid Rock. Hopefully, he’ll campaign with Kid and sink his own next election, too.

Featured image via KidRockForSenate.Com

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  1. Kid Rock in Congress?
    You have to be….
    wait a minute…(stranger people have been elected)
    Steve King…
    Jesse Ventura…
    Michele Bachmann…
    Donald trump…

    Feel free to add to the list~!

  2. Kid Rock has always been an ass…so what can we expect? Trying to reignite a career with Trump tells us all we need to know…He still only resonates with White Trailer Park denisons

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