GOP Rep: Comey’s Testimony On Trump Is Credible; Should Lead To Obstruction Charge


The Sunday morning news shows have always been a good way to get a little bit slower take on what happened over the weekend, but since the beginning of the Trump administration, it seems that everything is a hot take — whether you’re seeing a microphone shoved in a Senator’s face or everyone is seated calmly around a table.

That’s not because everything is said with an air of importance. It’s because everything the president says or does is to cover his ass for the last thing he said or did.

So when Trump tweeted on Saturday that he knew Mike Flynn had lied to the FBI, it was a game-changer:

If Trump knew in advance that Flynn had committed a crime, and then, as James Comey testified before Congress, asked the former FBI Director to “back off” on investigating Flynn, he was, in effect, committing obstruction of justice.

Obviously, someone pointed that out to Mr. Trump, because news immediately leaked out that he wasn’t the author of the above tweet — it was his lawyer, John Dowd.

That doesn’t really solve the issue. After all, if Trump’s tweets are considered “official statements” by the president, and the White House has long asserted that they are, then either Trump’s lawyer is tweeting without the president’s knowledge or Trump is letting his lawyer, in effect, BE the president while he tweets.

That wasn’t enough, though.

Now Trump claims that he never asked or told James Comey to “back off” from investigating Flynn, setting up a testimony situation in which it will eventually be Comey’s word versus Trump’s.

Now, Donald Trump may believe that he gets automatic deferral in that case, but at least one GOP Representative is now on record saying that he doesn’t, and it’s a doozy.

Sitting down with CNN’s State of the Union Sunday morning, Mike Rogers, the very recent Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said that he believes Comey. He insisted that the former FBI Director made mistakes during his investigation of Hillary Clinton’s improper use of email servers, but that he is credible, and that everyone at the FBI “loved” Comey, which goes a long way toward whether or not he’s trustworthy in the intelligence community.

Watch the former Intel point man make this stunning admission:

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