GOP Senator BURNS Trump, Calls White House ‘Adult Day Care Center’


Donald Trump loves to think he’s powerful enough to get someone elected just on the strength of an endorsement. We all know that’s hilariously inaccurate, just judging by the results in Alabama. But Sunday morning, Trump thought he would take a run at Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee, who he said “begged” for his endorsement during his campaign:

Aside from the fact that this is clearly a bald-faced lie about the ten-year senator, it’s just plain childish. Again, though, there’s nothing new there. If Trump suddenly wasn’t acting childish, I’d worry he’d been replaced with an actual child, most of whom act more like adults than he does.

Senator Corker was not amused. Or maybe he was amused? Either way, my man clapped back:

Here’s the thing though, dear readers: Sure, Corker’s retiring. But not until after the midterms… Next year. Trump has until January of 2019 to work with this guy. I’m beginning to suspect that Donnie Dainty Digits has a hard time counting on such short fingers because he just lost himself another vote on literally everything he wants passed.

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