GOP Strategist: Someone Needs To Tell Trump He’s Not A Used Car Salesman


Donald Trump is a dumb troll and his behavior on Twitter is childish. He is a shame to the country and makes a laughing stock of himself whenever he tweets. That much we know.

But they say a man without honor is worse than a corpse. So imagine how disrespectful it is for Trump that his own party members are calling him a troll, like GOP strategist Ana Navarro just tweeted:

She wasn’t done yet:

On CNN’s New Day, she pointed out the amateur president’s credibility in the White House. Navarro said, “I think the solution is very simple: Start telling the truth. Start taking your job seriously, stop exaggerating, stop outright lying and then repeating it.”

The strategist added, “I think the people around him … need to tell him ‘You are no longer the host of ‘The Apprentice.’ You are not a used car salesman. You are the president of the United States,’”

Trump lies and exaggerates with every statement he makes on Twitter and on camera. Everyone is watching it and ridiculing him. While this is affecting the reputation of his party as well as our country, none of his supporters can ever be bothered to speak against him. Thankfully, one sane person from his party was willing.

Speaking out about the importance of being truthful to build trust and credibility, Ana said, “We need to believe our president when he stands in front of that podium and speaks to us,” she said. “He has been president for 200 days and he has lied practically every single one of those days.”

Matt Schlapp, a Republican, disagreed with her when she called Trump “not truthful.” But that’s just partisan. We know who’s right.

Adding insult to injury, the Republican strategist later replied to a tweet by a woman who took offense since her husband sold used cars. She didn’t like it when he was compared to Trump, as it’s an insult to the profession.

She capped off her mini-tirade:


Twitter was picking up what she was laying down:

Bravo, Ana! It’s great to call ’em like you see ’em, but even better if you’re absolutely right.

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