Gov. Sam Brownback To Sign Proclamation Designating October As ‘Zombie Preparedness Month’


Gov. Sam Brownback’s state is now an economic apocalyptic wasteland because of his policies so naturally, he’s  preparing to sign a proclamation designating October as “Zombie Preparedness Month” in Kansas.













Sure, because Zombies really exist.

“If you’re prepared for zombies, you’re prepared for anything,” Brownback said in a statement, according to the Kansas City Star.  “Although an actual zombie apocalypse will never happen, the preparation for such an event is the same as for any disaster: make a disaster kit, have a plan and practice it.”

State emergency management staff and other public agencies will provide information and zombie preparedness challenges on social media during the month of October, because why not, it’s not as if Brownback has anything important to do.

Brownback has scheduled a signing ceremony for 9:30 a.m. Wednesday in his Statehouse office and workers from the state Division of Emergency Management are expected to join him for this super-important Zombie thingy.

Brownback also said, “If you’re prepared for zombies, you’re prepared for anything.”

We await Brownback’s signing ceremony for Bigfoot Preparedness Month.

When the totally for reals Zombies attack looking for brains, Brownback will be safe.

But if they attack you, you may not have a hospital to help you due to Governor Stupid’s refusal to expand Medicaid in that state. It’s already cost the state one hospital which now has to close. Because of that, Kansas Republicans are now open to Medicaid expansion.


Emergency centers have used the popular Zombie theme to prepare residents for disasters.

This is the second year Brownback has designated a Zombie Month in Kansas. Yay.

We think having an escape plan for Kansas residents is a good idea if Brownback stays in office much longer.

Brownback has also designated Kansas to be a Koch-State — a thing which is far more terrifying that a Zombie attack.

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