Gov Scott Walker Caught Lying About Removing ‘Search For Truth’ From UW Mission Statement


Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) introduced a budget on Tuesday that removed several lines from the University of Wisconsin System’s mission statement which included the phrase, “basic to every purpose of the system is the search for truth.”

That didn’t go down too well.

Daily Kos reports:

However, after what can only be described as a biblical, huge __ storm developed in all parts of the state, including in both Republican and Democratic quarters, Walker tried to un-jump the shark by claiming that it was all just a big misunderstanding. Neither he nor his staff ever intended to delete Wisconsin Idea– it was just a “drafting error.”

In fact, Walker even went so far as to blame the University of Wisconsin’s administration, when he inferred in an answer to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Dan Bice, that the UW people “somehow overlooked” the error when his staff gave it them to look over…

There’s more to this story though.

First of all, today I obtained copies of the original records from the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau’s drafting office, which show that there was a long chain of correspondence during which the Walker administration actually proposed deleting the Wisconsin Idea. The records also reveal that numerous officials within the administration proofed and approved of deleting the Wisconsin Idea.

So removing the ‘truth’ wasn’t “somehow overlooked” by University of Wisconsin officials.

JS Online reports:

Gov. Scott Walker and aides scrambled Thursday to respond to revelations that his administration had insisted to University of Wisconsin officials on scrapping the Wisconsin Idea, the guiding principle for the state’s universities for more than a century.

In a rapid revision to his own comments on Wednesday, the Republican governor acknowledged that UW System officials had raised objections about the proposal.

Objections were raised but the Walker administration refused to back down.

The irony is palpable.

This seems so fitting for Walker, a man who has lied his ass off since the day he took office.

Here is Scott Walker lying again:

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H/T: Daily Kos.

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