Gov Scott Walker Celebrates Earth Day By Firing 57 Environmental Agency Employees


Gov. Scott Walker celebrated Earth Day on Wednesday by laying off at least fifty-seven employees of the state Department of Natural Resources.















The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports:

Fifty-seven employees of the state Department of Natural Resources began receiving formal notices this week that they might face layoff as part of Gov. Scott Walker’s budget for the next two fiscal years…

The DNR’s scientific staff conducts research on matters ranging from estimating the size of the state’s deer herd to to studying the effects of aquatic invasive species. Work is paid for with state and federal funds…

All told, Walker’s budget would cut 66 positions from the DNR. Of this, more than 25% would come from the science group. Cosh said a smaller number of employees received notices than the 66 positions in the budget because some positions targeted for cuts are vacant.

Mother Jones reports:

It’s no secret that a signature tactic in Walker’s controversial environmental record has been to degrade the DNR, which in addition to carrying out research is tasked with regulating the state’s mining industries. Still, the timing of this particular announcement is striking. I guess no one marked Earth Day on Walker’s calendar.

The Wisconsin Governor’s  new budget is so brutal that even the GOP think he’s going overboard.

For example, his budget targets Wisconsin’s most essential programs for seniors. It calls to cut $15 million from SeniorCare, a prescription drug assistance program for residents which assists over 85,000 Wisconsin residents at low cost.

Oh, and he’s the Koch brothers’ big choice to fill the highest seat in the land.

Such a nice man.

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