Graphic Video Shows Georgia Deputies Tasing Restrained Man’s Testicles Before His Death


A 22-year-old Nigerian student’s last moments inside a jail in Savannah, Georgia, jail are caught on video showing him stripped down to his underwear while police officers use a taser on his testicles.











U.S. Uncut reports:

Matthew Ajibade, who Savannah police say was found “unresponsive” in his cell at 1:38 AM on January 2, 2015, was very likely tortured to death, as video shows. The video may be instrumental in convicting the three people involved in Ajibade’s death, who are charged with involuntary manslaughter. .

According to Savannah Now, two of the former deputies, Kenny and Evans, are also charged in two separate indictments with committing perjury before the Chatham County grand jury that was hearing the case in what the state contends was part of an attempt to cover up their involvement in the death.

In the video, Ajibade can be seen confined to a restraining chair and wearing a spit mask at the Chatham County Jail after he already being beaten.

Watch courtesy of NBC:

While one officer is seen holding Ajibade still by his jaw,  another officer is pointing a taser which has a built-in camera that automatically turns on when the taser is powered up.

The taser is deployed as the red light of the instrument moves from Ajibade’s thigh to his genitals.

Ajibade can be heard screaming.

U.S. Uncut notes that when Ajibade was being tortured, the time stamp on the video reads 4:45 AM on January 2 — three hours after officers say they found him “unresponsive.”

Ajibade was arrested on New Years Day this year. His family described the situation as a bipolar episode in which he allegedly struck his girlfriend and broke an officer’s nose.

The video shows Ajibade being tackled to the ground, punched, and tasered by deputies.

In total, nine of the deputies who were working the night of Ajibade’s death have been fired. Two Georgia sheriff’s deputies and a health care worker are currently being tried for involuntary manslaughter in connection with the death of Matthew Ajibade,

Attorney Mike O’Mara described the jailhouse video as “disgusting and vile.”

“It is nothing less than torture,” O’Mara told NBC News. “It’s sadism.”

Say his name: Matthew Ajibabe. He didn’t deserve to be tortured to death.

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